Sunday, 25 August 2013


Pearl Mogg is wishing you a lovely summer .

Here she is with her knitting off to yet another café.

Mulberry trees and bloggers meeting up

 I finally confessed where I had seen a mulberry tree to my friend who happens to be a rather splendid person from  'Sidmouth Poppy' blog. I would put a link here if I knew how. Anyway on our trip we thought how about a few bloggers meeting up in East Devon. Anyone close enough to come . We have the place and  tea and homemade cake. Should it be in the  summer holidays or October I'm not allowed to say the 'A' word yet, but it is my favourite season and will give us more time to plan .

Our own Hedgehog exhibition


Exhibition may be bigging it up a bit, but heyho. We make our hedgehogs from clay and conker shells. We invented them this summer and thought they needed their own shelf to show them off. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sweetie jars filled with yummy fabrics and trims.

Having a tidy and clear out, so filling plastic sweetie jars. The labels are tricky to get off, on youtube they say use peanut butter, but I found silvo works.

 Adding labels and tags, sold one already. I find it hard to part with fabric, so this is a gentle way to do it. I cut what I had in half, one for me one for the jars. Trouble is I don't really want to part with the jars - they look lovely a whole line of them .

Beach Time

 I hope everyone is getting a little beach time this summer.