Sunday, 17 August 2014

A fishy post

 Clover Clogg down by the beach feeling the wind in her hair.

 Using the sea as my backdrop for photographing finished apron dresses. these are now in the shop and on line.

My knitted fisherman. A very easy pattern. let me know if you want to try and I will give it to you.
 Rinka catches her first fish.
Should you feel like a sea theme  tiara or headdresses they are my favourite thing to make.

I feel very blessed to be so near the sea. It calms and exhilarates . This year I was well enough to go in and had really missed it.
 Evening sun on the boats

If you are feeling fishy we have some workshops coming up you may like. August 20th drift wood boats  and 27th of August  mosaic light houses.  Not forgetting making woollen mermaids on Setember10th .

Our bathroom wall paper that I hung so badly and didn't match the boats and didn't have enough to try again so draw in with a felt pen the ends of the boots. The kids did a better job painting some words we found written on a stone off the beach!
Taking your knitting to the beach a thing I love to do. Here showing my lino printed bags. They are only 7.50 from me, Folksy and in Mill Street craft shop Sidmouth. Open Wed-Sat

 Mermaid pic from my Country Bizarre book

Making mermaids in our workshops next one Sept 10th.

 My very best fishy friend without I would had not caught my first mackerel this week and blessed him and had him for tea. I am hooked pardon the pun,  but sea fishing is so exhilarating everyone gathers for the fish this time of year so very sociable .

My daughter was even catching fish in her shoes.

Fantastic fishing with friends

I am grateful and never forget how lucky we are to live in DEVON HX

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Collecting the down to line a nest or two.





 Collecting thistle down
 To fill the pillows for the dolls who live in tin houses..


 To line the nests we made on the last workshop.

Friday, 8 August 2014

No knitting, Camomile Tea and things going ping.

Drying my herbs down the allotment
 My bottled sunshine
Anyone else grow herbs to heal. I heard meadowsweet is good? 
 Found a really good book The Hedgerow Medicine, Havest and make your own herbal remedies. by Julie Bruton-Seal and Mathew Seal.
 Hoping it will sooth my insides. I need the hard drugs too but by drying the herbs in some small way I feel I doing something positive. I've had so many tummy operations I'm left with lots of scar tissue. which sticks bits down and  my digestion doesn't work and lots of horrid pain until the spasms stop. So two days ago I was tapping my foot to folk music (last day of folk week today) now I dare hardly move and all I did was sit down with a cup of tea and something went ping in  side.  Hence the little sign on my door today. Thanks for understanding and thank you who ever left the lovely big orange plant and pot.
 Pain is horrid we can all agree. Trying to find some good in it I came up with only a few. It grounds me to do only what is important, slows me down, you are  grateful for the things you do on good days. It makes me look at nature in very fine detail when I go out after a long time in bed. Its like seeing it for the first time. It makes me appreciate  and love my family and friends so much more. Any one got any more we can add to the list?
and this is a list of just a few of you who are my anchor in times of joy and pain
Paula, Andy, my kids, Kristina, Sue B, Claire, mum, family, Helen in the lane, Vicki,Vanessa, Marjorie, Mandy, Kath, Nicola, Rebecca, Pauline, Fliss, Tiff, Linda and of course you bloggers. Nothing is better when you can't get out to see lots of lovely pictures on your blogs like Hettie Brown, the Custards, street comber, crafting not cleaning, or murmuring cottage, crafty nook, washerwomen  too many to list  all make me feel calm and homey and a welcome distraction.
so thank you guys. hx

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer afternoon workshops

 With all the hot weather anyone fancy an ice cream brooch . we will be making them on the 20th of August 2.30-4pm
and making my little red girl  on Wednesday 13th of August. 2.30- 4.30

woolly sunshine in the shop.

 It has been a busy week in the shop this week as folk week in Sidmouth. The town is alive with music. I got the hang of spinning with a little help. Stop buy on a Wednesday and I will show you how, or you can teach me a few tips as a very kind lady did .

 Kids made drift wood boats and we will be making theses again on the 20th of August so you grown ups can have a go also. 10.30 -1pm


 Made my first wet felted pod/nest thingie as a present for my mum inlaw.