Saturday, 28 September 2013

 Thank you everyone who came to the Wednesday workshop. Here are the pics as promised. The next workshops will be of a textile theme, on Wednesday 9th and 16th tell you more later. Next mosaic angel one will be 23rd of oct.
 Half way, letting the glue dry in the sun.

 Everyone got to make two each one big one small.

Autumn Angel

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pearl pops to Exmouth

It was a lovely trip too. Mum, Pearl and I had tea in the train café on the sea front. We went to my two favourite shops in the Strand.first I.N.C a gallery which sells handmade and printed products. and then opposite to a new shop called ' A little Bird Told Me ' It had vintage and handmade things I brought this cute sewing machine, but sadly it didn't have the artist name on it.

Squirrel Knitting Bag

Trying out a new lino cut squirrel bag. Its in the shop now or direct from me at 7pounds, but he's had mixed reviews poor mr Squirrel. I like to see the brush strokes but not everyone likes mr squirrel.

Lets make my woolly medals workshop

Ideas for next workshop.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Two spaces left for mosaic workshop on Wednesday 25th 10- 1 mill street craft shop sidmouth. 22pounds.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Knitting News flash. Trust me its exciting

This is Maggie moo a friend of Pearl Mogg and Clover Clogg here to tell you BBC 4 this Wednesday 9pm a programme on the History of Knitting. How brill is that. Thanks Maggie you heard it here first.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sew a Little Happiness and my workshop

The shop I now share is not easy to find as it's behind Natwest on the high street in Sidmouth, but worth it when you have 38 Mill street EX108DF.(near the Swan pub).2 minutes from the sea front and park.
 A leap of faith, at last I can move my making table out of the bedroom. (Which also reminds me of being ill as I had to spend so much time up there) into a shared shop which will be all mine on a Tuesday and Wednesday. So if you are not too far away come and sit and sew or book a workshop. Next week we are doing mosaic angels - two places left and this Tuesday printing your own knitting bags.

 Look what my clever husband painted for me free hand and in my new shared workspace/shop.

 Everyone went home with a Mosaic Angel and new friendships made.

Looking back at last Autumns pics

 The best of all the seasons. Looking  back at the hats,dolls and woolly acorns I made last Autumn.



Wednesday, 4 September 2013

We had to have a blackberry post

A new berry coloured ball of wool and a new seasalt bag in deep pinks.
My berry headdress I made last year. Don't know when and where I would wear it, but that's ok.

All this talk of blackberries I should finish blogging about them and make my family a blackberry and apple pie.
 More blackberries and tayberries we picked


 The headdress again on a model this time. I should have asked her to be picking blackberries .Think I will call her goddess of the blackberries.
My gathering doll.

and lastly a glittery berry coloured hat. Send me a jumper in the post and with a wave of my wand and a overlocker I will send you a
Happy blackberry picking everyone a pleasure not to be missed.