Thursday, 25 April 2013

Me and Pearl and a bit of purple

I should say Pearl and I, but we like to be informal. May Lilac and Magnolias bring you joy.

Apron Dresses

Thanks for asking theses are the Apron Dresses I have left for sale .They start at £45

The clever blog -The custards

Sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration .Which is where the idea for my spring tin on the table came from.

A Dandelion post

 Weaving on a folk .I found out how to weave the flowers on, but I like to make mine into dandelions.

 I love to buy white cloths and paint on them .Using fabric paints.

Green please

Things I have knitted or painted,just because I love the colour green.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Congratulations Vanilla Squirrel you won the give away your travelling project bag is on its way. Don't worry if you missed it I am printing more this week for the folksy site, but if you see one you like here they are also £7 and £1 p and p.  Grab your knitting and go somewhere nice.

A little give a way from Clover Clogg

We need a few treats as the weather is making us all a little blue.
These too fellers are also made by me. Knitted from the Jujus loops knitting book from loop. They called theres Berties. Mine are Monty's and I've knitted far to many of them so they will be needing a home too. 
This is Maggie who likes to feel the wind in her hair.
Clover Clogg
My little give away to you. This is one of my lino hand printed project bags  They are £7 and from my folksy shop, but this ones is for you if you are the first to send me an email. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday and the rain not getting you down. We are all icing biscuit's round the kitchen table.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Making pottery seed labels

 Here are my odd pottery labels I use a porcelain painter pen. you can use the sticks from costa coffee they are a little thinner, but do work. Use a strong super glue. we will not be put of gardening by the horrid weather.Have fun
Found a few daffs on the allotment, just enough for a jam jar full.

Monday, 8 April 2013

A not so tidy corner

Squirrelling gone too far. This is the naughty cupboard today, I'm meant to be sorting it out and lots has to go, ready for when the car boot starts . The best one is always in a field with the sun shining . people selling flowers, homemade jam and lots of china finds. So as soon as the field is dry we will head to Rousden, Dorset our local car boot. The trick is to sell more than I bring back. I'm sure we all have a squirrel cupboard and I'm not alone.

Squirrel anwers

This post is for the bloggers Eclectic Handmade, Green Orchid, and Liniecat who seem to like my squirrels. They were lucky finds I've just looked under the squirrels bottoms ! they are made by Sylvac

Well if you like these you will love the blog Vanillia Squirrel - thanks for commenting. ps my knitted Acorn badges are on folksy.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

A few tidy corners of my home

You lovely bloggers out there are very good at showing your homes which I love to see, so I thought it was time to show you a corner or two of mine, as its only fair. We live in a large building that's very old and was used for dancing and receptions many, many years a go. So we have very high ceilings and big rooms with lots of light. This is a tidy corner of the kitchen with a toy shelf I made a curtain for.
The only tidy bit of the lounge
kitchen bits
I Planted up this pot with forget-me-nots for the bedroom.
Bedroom bits I had a funny phase of painting balls of wool, luckily it's passed as it's not very lucrative. A limited amount of people want a painting of a ball of wool, so the bedrooms full of them!