Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Anyone want to model my hats

Anyone out there want to model my hats? I realise it's a mad busy time of year for most peolpe so we could wait for the New Year and outdoor winter sunshine. I love doing little scenes with my hats, but people need to see them on real people, it gives you more confidence to wear them.
In return you get to keep a hat or have one made for you. Any takers ? It would all be done on trust I'd post them to you . I'd do it myself but I'm getting over a big operation and feeling less than glamorous.When you make something it's so easy to give up and move on to making other things which you hope to be a hit - so this is my new year hat push to get them into the big wide world and not just in Devon, before I see my design somewhere else which would be sad for me .