Friday, 11 January 2013

How warm and cosy to live in a wee tin.

On the theme of travelling, these are my travelling tins. Ideal to bring out for little ones on long trips to play with as they take up no room and each tin, sorry home, has a tiny pencil, a cup or bowl, three bed covers and a tiny tiny pillow with a pinch of lavender. You just add imagination. 
My hope is to find just the right gallery to take them so more people can see them. Or if we get enough people together I could do a workshop on them. 
Please have a go making one for yourself, but obviously not to sell as I've made these for years and plucked it from my own head. Just wanted to share a love of tiny things. I cannot bake or spell or do maths very well, but I can make things, which has always saved me.