Friday, 13 December 2013

It is the season for red.

 Lovely Charley in one of my hats. This hat I have just put on ebay today .
 Some very important spotty shoes
 My hats and dolls over the year

 My woolly workshops
 Sorry more red hats and dolls

 and shoes
 and my sleeping travel dolls in tins dolls  workshop coming up in these soon

 My best Christmas bed time story book.
 Cherries and Pearl Mogg bringing home a woolly tree.

 Red shoes these have had three little trips to the mender to be stretched they almost fit, I will not admit to my husband they don't fit . I love them and they will fit even if I have to cut my toes off

 Some one else in the family seems to like red spotty shoes.

Know more cherries ..enough
 A Red top I Made myself many moons ago

 One red buckle
 More cherry's my mum makes
 My little red broach on folksy and in the maisie daisy shop

 My traveling knitting bags are back on folksy and in the shop

To finish spotty red shoes always look better upside down