Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Todays workshop pics


 Tea to welcome our crafty folk.
 This lovely lady is holding up her flapjack. They are made every week for the Bodkin workshops by my son who is paid for doing this and doses a marvellous job. I then wrap them. I love wrapping things and choosing nice pictures for them. I made up some drift wood tea labels for when we are busy with different teas on the go. I try to always bring some fresh flowers along, we grow pinks on our allotment for this. but more on 'Doris' in a mo.
Down to the making.

This picture is to show off our pinks theses are 'Doris' and highly scented. My garden is not connected to my home but one street away. So I like to have cut flowers in my home and take them to the workshops.
 With so many good workshops out there I am hoping the little things will add up. To give everyone a very special morning.
 Everyone concentrating hard.
More tea and Flapjacks.
 Broaches we were making.

Thanks ladies for a perfect crafty time hx