Monday, 28 April 2014

Mr Mouse and a few more nests

 I thought my drain pipe was looking a little cold.

 Yes more nests by me, and they are for sale, but I'm guessing you clever people out there can make them. If not may be a nest making workshop?

Tea, Cake and Workshops at home

 Look what we made today.


My Kitchen is a bit of a miss match more like mrs Weasleys home in Harry Potter in facted I think I'm a cross between mrs weasley and mrs petter pot, if you remember the book.


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Catkin and Reed Angels

This Workshop in May is my special Spring one, we will be making a woollen angel, hand carding wool and I will also show you how to use a drop spindle.  So if you are free on Saturday 10th of May we would love to have you. I will be offering a free place very soon. If you live to far away do still try the completion  as you could win either  Catkin or Reed Angel.
'Reed' Woollen Angel
 'Catkin' woollen Angel
Tea and Cake seem to feature quite largely in my workshops.

workshop pics as promised

 Here are the last workshop pics as promised,
 Tea, cake and best china


 Friends and chatting
 Ninas books



 A fun morning.
 Our lovely books we made.
I was to busy chatting and forgot to take photos so there are more on Sidmouth Poppy blog .
We will be having more Bodkin workshops from my home. We have another type of book binding tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

 How is everyone's holidays? With lovely friends we got up to a little knit graffiti

We all went to Dartington gardens and walked along the river to Totnes.


 Had a lovely homey day today as it was raining all day
Tomorrow is a workshop day, we will be book binding I feel very blessed as when I run a workshop or get another artist in my home. Everyone who comes is always lovely especially important when in your home, crafters are like gardeners, always a joy to be with and I'm sure tomorrow will be no exception. Sidmouth poppy is waving her baking wand and bringing cakes. I look forward to showing you the photos of Bodkin workshops at home. see you tomorrow Claire from Sidmouth poppy, Tracey from the Yew group, Angie from Sidmouth choir and Tiff from Dottie Angel, Nina our book binding expert and me Hesta from Bodkin.  Here's to learning something new with friends.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Taking Time

 I hope you have time to says thank you for all we have this Easter.
Time to be outside
 Time to sow a few seeds
 Time to craft


 Make a bonnet
 Time to be your self

 Time to read


Time to relax