Friday, 14 March 2014

More than just a Knitting Group.

Seasalt Sam with this woolly anchor and catch. I made him from the loop knitting book.
Yippy its Friday off to set up for Sidmouth knitting Group. This Knitting group has become a great success, but nothing to do with me setting it up, but because of the wonderful kind, warm women who come every week. I remember finding the perfect church room and persuading two friends Lizzie and Beth to run it with me. Beth came up with the fab name for us three The Traveling Woolberries. Now Both Claire and Beth kept it going so well especially  when I had my op and took a year to get well, It is so popular I think the homemade cakes, china cups, fresh flowers and linen table cloths help. I've been bard from baking as my cakes are so bad. So thanks girls. It is more than a knitting group its a woolly anchor for a lot of people including me. Claire from the Sidmouth Poppy blog keeps our Sidmouth Knitting group blog so have a look at us all. Happy Weekend and hope you have your own Knitting club . hx