Saturday, 29 March 2014

special mums everywhere.

I use this picture every year I know but it is one of the dolls I made while waiting for my family - kind of like a wish doll. 
Mothers day is a very big day in our home, we tried for children for 12 years before adopting two special little people, its been a roller coaster ride that I would not want to get off. That's a fib, I do need to jump off regularly for a rest and some mummy me time, but always ready to jump back on board.Tomorrow they want to blind fold me and take me somewhere in the car. Can't be a wool shop they are closed on a Sunday! I know that I am blessed with a mother in law I admire and a  mum of great kindness. But I spend a moment to think of  mum's loss and hope for those people the pain one day will get less and happy memories with flood them like light.  Celebrating mums in all their forms everywhere.